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Perfect Smile Family Dentistry offers dental bridges in South Gate, California. Dental bridges consist of a replacement crown, to fill in the gap left by a missing tooth, which is attached to crowns on both sides that fit over the teeth adjacent to the gap. The dental bridge is supported by a framework constructed of metal or ceramic.

Dental bridges can effectively prevent many problems that arise due to missing teeth, while also improving your appearance.· Gaps left by missing teeth can cause surrounding teeth to shift out of alignment and may expose gums to potential infection.· Additionally, normal speaking and chewing abilities can be compromised.

Dental Bridge Procedure
dental bridge can be completed in two office visits.· During the first visit, an impression is taken and the teeth adjacent to the gap are prepared to fit the dental bridge. A temporary bridge is placed in the mouth while your permanent bridge is being crafted. During the second visit, the permanent dental bridge is fitted comfortably and then cemented into your mouth for a permanent restoration.

Dental bridges are one solution for restoring missing teeth.· There are a number of different types of dental bridges, and the type used will depend on your specific restoration needs.

If you are interested in learning more about dental bridges offered in our South Gate, dental office, contact us today at 562-862-1345.

Dental Bridge Financing and Payment Options
We offer dental bridges without dental insurance in
South Gate, CA. For patients with no dental insurance, or whose dental insurance does not cover dental bridges, Perfect Smiles Family Dentistry provides affordable payment solutions and dental bridge financing options to cover the cost of dental bridges.

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